Cait Alexander is a multifaceted artist- a writer, an actress, a model, singer, poet, pianist…
From her small town roots to over 5 years of international modelling, she has walked the world’s runways and graced it’s magazines, while embracing working in diverse cultures. Notable clients include GQ, La Vie En Rose, Cadbury, FCUK.
Having started in theatre as a child and rising to roles in major TV shows- Star Trek and The Handmaids Tale to name a few- she has, as is the artist’s natural way- expanded. She has even starred in Bollywood movies.
Her voice is powerful yet sweet, deeply evoking and emotionally honest. It will linger with you long past the end of her song. She has written and performed songs for feature film, combining her love of film and music.
She is a natural born writer, first being published internationally at age 11 and has written virtually every day since. She writes poetry, songs and every single caption on her IG. Fiercely observant, beautifully sensitive and deeply analytical, she sculpts language as clay.
She is a romantic at heart, intense and fragile, strong and soft.
Whatever the medium she gives all of herself in the photo, on the screen, through the song, and on the page.
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